Patricia Ould

Patricia Ould

Professional Details

Title: Chairperson
Office: MH-335D
Phone: 978-542-6272
Resume: Patricia Ould [DOCX 24KB]

Fall & Winter Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
1407 S1 SOC318 Women, Globalization, and Development
1410 I1 SOC520 Internship in Sociology
1411 D1 SOC530 Directed Study in Sociology
2552 01 FYSO100 First Year Seminar (Sociology)
2565 10 SOC201 Introduction to Sociology
2566 11 SOC201 Introduction to Sociology
2578 01 SOC318 Women, Globalization, and Development
2591 01 SOC520 Internship in Sociology
2592 01 SOC530 Directed Study in Sociology

Professional Biography

I joined the SSU faculty in September 1986 after teaching for two years in the Sociology Department at the University at Buffalo, SUNY following the completion of my Ph.D. in Sociology specializing in sociology of law. My dissertation was titled The Enforcement of Law: The Housing Code in Action in Buffalo, New York.  I was a member of the Criminal Justice Department at SSU from 1986-1996. In September 1994 I became coordinator of the Honors Program at SSU and served in that position until 1999.  I joined the Sociology Department in January 1997 and was named a full professor in sociology in September 1998. 

As my interests in sociology developed and changed I added sociology of gender to my areas of specialization in the field and developed several courses in gender studies for the department.  Based on those interests and my interest in travel and international education I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to lecture at Isabella Thoburn College in Lucknow, UP, India in 2001-02.  I recently returned to the collge for the celebration of their 125th anniversary as an invited speaker for a conference held in honor of the anniversary.  I hope to continue to do international exchanges in other parts of the world.

In keeping with my interest in gender studies I have been conducting research on the use of kinship terms by gay and lesbian married couples in different social contexts with a colleague in the English Department, Dr. C. Julie Whitlow.  Based on our initial study which was published in the Journal of Homosexuality, we are continuing our research with a study of the use of the term "wife" by married lesbian couples.  Our book, A Married Woman Is Not Always a Wife: The Evolving Use of Relationship Terms by Married Lesbians is nearing completions and is under review by Rutgers University Press.

Professional Interests

Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Sexuality, Women's Studies, Sociology of Law, Research Methods & Statistics


Chairperson of Sociology Department and Professor: Manage the Sociology Department, teach classes, and advise students.

Selected Publications

With C. Julie Whitlow

"Same Sex Marriage and Context-Specific Kinship Terms." (2011): Journal of Homosexuality,58:8, 1085-1109.

Ould, Patricia J.

"Passing in India." The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide, May-June 2003, 10:3, pp.27-29.

"Women and Sociology: How the Social Structure Affects Women" in Donna Ashcraft, ed., Women's Work: A Survey of Scholarship about and by Women. Haworth Press, 1998.

Selected Presentations

Ould, Patricia J.

"Gender: The Unfinished Agenda." Presented at a panel discussion on "Challenging Education" for the 125th Anniversary Celebration of Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow, UP, India, November 2011.

With Tiffany Gayle Chenault

"Modeling Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom: An Exploratory Approach for Teaching about the Intersectionality of Race, Gender, and Sexuality." Accepted for presentation at the Southern Sociological Society, Jacksonville, FL, April 2011.

With C. Julie Whitlow

"Same-Sex Marriage and Context-Specific Kinship Terms." Presented at the Eastern Sociological Society, Boston, MA, March 2010.

"Evolving Kinship Terms and Same-Sex Marriage." Presented at the American Association of Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC, March 2008.

Ould, Patricia J.

"Living in India: An American Woman's Experience." Presented at a panel on "Global Health: Insights on India," Salem State University, School of Nursing, April 2004.

"Women, Development, and Globalization." Keynote Presentation, Women's History Month Dinner, Florence Luscomb Women's Center, Salem State University, March 2003.

"Living in the Real India." Arts and Sciences Symposium, Salem State University, November 2002.

With Pooja Juyal.

"Assessing Education Policy in India: Its Impact on Girls and Women." Presented at the Women in the Global Community Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, September 2002.

Ould, Patricia J.

"Men in Intimate Relationships." Presented at the Academic Staff College, University of Mumbai and at SNDT University for the 2002 Foundation Day Celebration, co-sponsored by USEFI - Mumbai and the Fulbright Association, February 2002.

"Issues in Women's Studies in the United States." Presented at the Department of Human Development, SNDT Women's University for the 2002 Foundation Day Celebration, co-sponsored by USEFI - Mumbai and the Fulbright Association, February 2002.

"A History of the Women's Movement in the United States." Presented to the Department of Political Science Undergraduate Program, Isabella Thoburn College, January 2002.

"Feminist Pedagogy in Women's Studies in the United States." Presented to the Faculty of Women's Studies at the University of Lucknow and Isabella Thoburn College. Sponsored by the Women's Studies Department, Isabella Thoburn College, December 2001.

With Patricia A. Gozemba, et al

"Feminist Pedagogy in Women's Studies and Beyond." Presented at the National Women's Studies Association Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, June 2000.

Personal Interests

Travel, singing, sailing, reading.