Sheila Gibbons

Sheila Gibbons

Professional Details

Title: Visiting Lecturer
Office: MH-319
Phone: 978-542-6225

Professional Biography

Sheila J. Arenstam Gibbons earned a BA as a double major in Geography and History from Assumption College in Worcester, MA and an MA in Geography from the University of Maryland College Park, MD where she explored the relationship between sea-level rise and island community abandonment.

Prior to a career in higher education, Prof. Gibbons was a Physical Scientist with the Strategic Environmental Assessments Division of NOAA in Silver Spring, Maryland and a Senior Program Developer in Education at the New England Aquarium in Boston.

Her current areas of interest include behavioral geography, environmental perception, geography education, and helping students understand the role of human/environmental interaction regarding climate change. She teaches Introduction to Geography, Geography of the U.S, Geography of Africa, Weather and Climate, Cultural Geography, Environmental Geography, Human Geography, and Physical Geography

Selected Publications

Arenstam Gibbons, Sheila J, and Robert J. Nicholls. "Island Abandoment and Sea-Level Rise: An Historical Analog from the Chesapeake Bay, USA." Global Environmental Change 16 (2006): 40-47.