Hollis Baguskas

Hollis Baguskas

Professional Details

Title: Visiting Lecturer
Office: MH-326E
Phone: 978-542-2424 x1238
Email: hollis.baguskas@salemstate.edu

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
2996 02 GPH100P Weather and Climate
3002 08 GPH100P Weather and Climate
3003 09 GPH100P Weather and Climate

Professional Biography

I am a meteorologist by training with a MS in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography and a BS in Meteorology and Applied Mathematics from Univeristy of Miami (FL).  I have been a visiting lecturer here at Salem State since 2006 and primarily teach the course Weather and Climate (GPH100P), an introductory course which focuses on the basic elements of weather and how these combine to create various weather phenomenon .  I have also taught Severe and Unusual Weather (GPH387P) in which specific types of severe weather such as blizzards, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes are discussed for both their meteorological impact as well as societal impact.

Professional Interests

-Synoptic Meteorology

-Severe Weather

-Weather Impacts on Society

Selected Publications

Pyatt, H. E., Albrecht, B. A., Fairall, C., Hare, J. E., Bond, N., Minnis, P., & Ayers, J. K. (2005). Evolution of marine atmospheric boundary layer structure across the cold tongue-ITCZ complex. Journal of climate, 18(5), 737-753.

Personal Interests

Knitting and crochet.  Running.  Sports.  And of course weather!