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Undergraduate Course Details
Number GPH 375
Title Food, Drink and the Environment
Credits 3.0
Distribution DIII


This course examines the geography of the global agro-food system. Students will learn about the economic, environmental and political factors shaping contemporary global and regional patterns of food production. The course explores the corporate consolidfation of food production, processing, transport, marketing and retailing and the profound environmental, social and economic consequences of the global food system. The course also examines efforts to make the agro-food system more environmentally sustainable and socially just. We look at alternatives such as the local food movement, organic agriculture, slow food, community supported agriculture, farmers markets and other emerging agro-ecological models. The goal of the course is to provide a critical understanding of the global agro-food system and to explore debates over various alternatives and their viability. Three lecture hours per week. Environment Sustainability Concentration requirement, elective for others.