College of Arts and Sciences in the Media

Professor Jennifer Jackman (political science) was cited as a source of information on key US Senate races with gender gap data in Eleanor Smeal’s Huffington Post blog

Rob Brown (communications) says endorsements do matter in an election

Professor Yvonne Vissing (director of Salem State University's Center for Childhood and Youth Studies) commentary: Protecting children also protects college

Rebecca Hains (communications) Media literacy for preschoolers requires active parent viewing

Rebecca Hains (communications) Media literacy for preschoolers: parenting a savvy viewer

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Protecting Children Also Protects Colleges by Yvonne Vissing (sociology).

Professor Richard Lewis (art +design) sits on editorial board of city of Salem’s first bilingual newspaper

Salem State meteorologist Arthur Francis comments on Hurricane Sandy

Professor Perry Glasser (English) has published his prize-winning novel, Riverton Noir, which is now available in trade paperback and as an e-book. Perry was named a 2012 Fellow in Creative Nonfiction by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Professor Kani Sathasivam (political science) comments on question of limiting political spending

Professor Kenneth Ardon (economics) comments on what influence the economy has on the election and vice versa

Professor Rob Brown (communications) on benefits of liberal arts education

Global biopharmaceutical services provider Parexel and Salem State University launch clinical trial management graduate program

Parexel with Salem State offer clinical management degree

Salem State announces 2012 Athletic Hall of Fame

Professor Rob Brown comments on attack of the TV ads