College of Arts and Science Highlights

Student Nick Gilroy holding an award

Nick Gilroy - Geography Major - Class of 2014

Congratulations to Nick Gilroy who was awarded the National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) Excellence of Scholarship Award for his outstanding academic achievement, dedication and enthusiasm for the discipline of Geography. Nick was recognized at the annual Geography Day Student Awards Ceremony on April 25, 2014. This recognition follows a string of accomplishments and enriching experiences that have helped to shape his interests and career goals.

Throughout his time at Salem State, Nick has distinguished himself academically and intellectually. In 2013, he was inducted into Salem State’s Eta Kappa chapter of the Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU) international geographic honor society. He is also a member of Salem State’s Honors Program, which is part of the Massachusetts Commonwealth Honors Program.

Learning opportunities outside of Salem State’s classrooms have been just as important. In spring 2013, Nick attended Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy, for a semester-long study abroad program. He was able to immerse himself in a foreign culture (as any good Geographer should!), while continuing his undergraduate studies. When he returned to Salem State as a senior, he began a year-long internship in the city of Salem’s planning and community development department. Nick worked with Jeffrey Eli, Salem’s energy and sustainability manager, on projects ranging from wind power assessments for Winter Island, to the management of Salem Spins, a bicycle-sharing project for Salem. Nick said of this experience, “Interning in an office setting while working on environmental issues has broadened my view of applications that my academic career has prepared me for.”

Indeed, Nick used his work on city cycling issues as a basis for his senior honors project. As an avid cyclist himself, Nick was particularly interested in helping the city to promote cycling. Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Nick analyzed the city’s existing cycling infrastructure and its relationship to accidents and actual cycling activity. In order to complete this research, Nick applied for, and won, a data grant from STRAVA, a private company that collects data on members’ cycling activity and routes all across the country. His research shows that cycling infrastructure plays a significant role in cycling traffic, and it supports arguments that areas with cycling infrastructure have fewer accidents than those without. Nick presented his work to a packed room at the annual Association of American Geographers (AAG) conference in Tampa, Florida in April 2014.

Nick has decided to continue his academic career with an emphasis on applications of GIS to cycling and transportation. He was accepted to the master of science in geographic information science program at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado, and begins classes there in fall 2014.

barrels of fish at Cat Cove Marine Lab

An Exciting Future for Cat Cove Marine Laboratory

Richard Langevin of Langevin Management Advisors will be joining Salem State University to assist the College of Arts and Sciences in developing a business plan to advance opportunities and raise awareness, both internally and externally, of our Cat Cove Marine Laboratory. Richard is no stranger to the university. He has served as an advisory board member at the Bertolon School of Business for eight years, and has been actively involved with The Enterprise Center on the Salem State campus for more than a decade. Richard has been informally discussing, researching and assisting Salem State with the Cat Cove project since August 2013. The current initiative will review all aspects of our valuable Cat Cove asset including: legislative compliance; academic programs and enrollment enhancement; facilities and staffing; transportation; research collaborations, funding and community outreach initiatives; public relations; jobs for graduates and international project initiatives.

Richard has twenty-eight years' experience creating results-oriented business plans and organizational structures that helped organizations in a variety of industries deliver impressive results. You can view a summary of his business plan results.

We look forward to Richard’s assistance and collaboration with biology professors Dr. Ryan Fisher, Dr. Mark Fregeau and Dr. Joe Buttner and related university departments as we focus on this comprehensive project that will provide an exciting future for Cat Cove.