SSU Italian Language Summer Program in Florence, Italy

Start learning Italian or continue your Italian studies this summer! Earn 6 credits during a 5-week immersion program (early June 30 - August 5 August). Language programs available for beginners through advanced language students (complete the 101-102 sequence, the 201-202 sequence or upper-level culture and language courses), undergraduates or graduate students. The University of Florence Center for Foreigners, founded in 1907, is a service institute of the University of Florence that can trace its origins to 1321. Language and culture classes are taught by Italian professors. In Florence, the capital of Tuscany, you will be immersed in the artistic, historical, and cultural heart of the city, within walking distance of the most prestigious monuments of the Romanesque, Gothic, and the 15th century. Florence is also the city where the Italian language was born! Contact Dr. Rocca in the Foreign Language Department for more information.

What courses can I take?

Italian language courses are offered M through F, 8:45am-11:15am, at 6 different possible levels, for a total of 60 hours, equivalent to our 101-102, 201-202, and 300-level courses).

On the first day of classes, students will take a placement test to be placed into the appropriate language level.

Italian culture courses are also offered M-F from 11:30am to 1:00pm (equivalent to SSU 300 & 400 level courses): Italian Literature I & II, Italian History, History of Art 1 & II, Art & Culture in Florence, Etruscan Civilization, History of Music, Italian Film, and Italian Eating Habits and Food Culture. All courses are taught in Italian.

The tuition fee entitles students to take any of the subjects listed in the program. Some of the lectures will take place in Florentine museums and their historic buildings and these will be in the afternoons or on Saturday mornings.

During the weekends, excursions and recreational activities in the Tuscany countryside are also available.

How much does it cost?

The costs for the Summer 2008 program were as follows (in US dollars) (contact CIE for current pricing):

Tuition (6 credits)
Books (max.)
Lodging (40 nights)*
Food (40 days, 3 meals/day)**


* Triple occupancy hotel rooms. Other rates are available: 1) Single room with private bath: $2,611; 2) Double room with private bath: $1,973; 3) Triple room with private bath: $1,393; 4) Quadruple room with private bath: $1,103; Single room with sink and shared bath: $1,930; 5) Double room with sink, shower, and shared bath: $1,451.

** Based on approximate cost of two meals/day in canteen and buffet breakfast in hotel. Costs may vary depending on student meal choices.

*** Students should budget additional funds for travel (by air) to Italy and personal spending money. Extra financial aid is available for summer programs!

How do I get there?

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Québec, though most usually drive or get rides from other students who are driving there.

Who do I contact for more information?

Pick up an application from: Dr. Anna Rocca
Department of Foreign Languages

For additional info: Dr. Donald Ross, Director
Center for International Education
8 Harrison Road (South Campus)