French Language Summer Program in Québec, Canada

Québec City

Start learning French or continue your French studies this summer! Earn six credits during a five-week immersion program (early July-early August) at the prestigious Université Laval in the heart of French-speaking Québec. Language programs available for beginners through advanced language students (complete the 101-102 sequence, the 201-202 sequence or upper-level culture and language courses, including the possibility of Business French), undergraduates or graduate students. Business internships or volunteer projects possible. Salem State students will be accompanied by Dr. Blood, who will provide support services, organize excursions, and offer tutoring, as needed. Accommodations in dorms or in host families.

Who can participate?

Anyone who wishes to learn French language and to discover French-speaking Canada by immersing themselves in a Francophone culture. Open to undergraduate and graduate students as well as other community members.

Where will the program take place?

Language and culture classes are taught by native French-speaking Canadian instructors at the Université Laval, the oldest French-speaking university in North America, located in the suburbs of Québec City. Québec City is the capital of the Canadian province of Québec, a predominantly French-speaking region located just north of New England. Québec City has been described as the most "European" of North American cities, with the charm of the old town fortifications, the Citadelle of the Plains of Abraham, and the grandiose Château Frontenac that dominates the skyline. Québec City is an 8-hour drive from Boston (also accessible by rail or bus) and is 2-hours north of Montréal. So close to us, and yet culturally and linguistically very French, Québec is the perfect site for a foreign immersion experience without the complications or expense of transatlantic travel!

What courses can I take?

Laval offers undergraduate French language courses for non-native speakers of French at three levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced. Advanced courses may also include the study of Québécois literature and culture. Participants may transfer up to 6 credits of French back to Salem State: FRE101-102, FRE201-202, or 6 credits at the advanced 200 or 300-level, depending on the courses taken. A placement test the first day of the program determines the level at which students start their summer courses.

Where would I live?

Participants typically live in a dorm room on the Laval campus. Students who live on campus can use the dorm kitchen or dine at any of the campus cafeterias or cafés, paying for whatever meals they have there as they go. There is no meal plan for on-campus students. (Accomodations with a host family in Québec City are also available. Ask about this option if you are interested.)

How much does it cost?

Total cost for tuition, room, insurance and fees for the 2009 program was approximately $2,500US (contact CIE for current prices). Approximate required program costs in Canadian dollars: 

Application Fee: $30
Tuition and fees (6 credits): $2,605
Insurance (required): $124
Lodging (dorm): $438
Total: $3,197

Students should budget additional money for SSU fee ($150), meals (appx. $600), books (appx. $100), transportation to/from Québec, and spending money for shopping and excursions.

Extra financial aid is available for summer programs!

How do I get there?

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Québec, though most usually drive or get rides from other students who are driving there. Students who wish to drive may make arrangements for on-campus parking when the arrive and can purchase a campus parking sticker (appx. $30). Assistance will be provided in making travel arrangements and carpooling.

What cultural/recreational activities will be offered?

Prof. Blood provides an orientation for Salem State students the first week, including tours of the university and the social and cultural highlights of the city of Québec. During the program, Laval organizes a series of excursions to museums and cultural sites in the area, and the program also coincides with Québec's Festival d'Eté, with ongoing concerts and cultural events in the city. Students may also be interested in organized sports on campus, such as soccer, basketball, swimming or tennis. There are also social activities on campus (in French), such as chorus, cooking classes, and movie nights. Québec also has several theaters, in addition to great restaurants, cafés, cinemas, bars, and boutiques!


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