Spanish Language Summer and Semester Programs in Oviedo, Spain

Universidad de Oviedo

We currently offer both summer (four weeks) and semester-long programs at the University of Oviedo in Spain.

Summer Program

Who is this program for?

This program is for everybody who wishes to learn the Spanish language by immersing themselves into the culture, society, and traditions of Spain.

Location and culture

The Oviedo program takes place at the Universidad de Oviedo in Oviedo, Spain. Oviedo, capital of the northern region of Asturias, is located 20 minutes from the Cantabric coast between valleys and mountains (see the map of Asturias below). It is an elegant city with several cultural and sports facilities.

Oviedo and its nearby towns and villages offer countless activities, including: sports, museums, exhibitions, concerts, lectures, traditional festivities, and more. You will have many new discoveries and something fun to do!

What courses can I take?

Intensive language and culture classes at three levels: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. Classes run from Monday through Friday, between 9:30 am and 2 pm.

Weekly excursions

In addition to the intensive language and cultural courses, the program includes excursions every Saturday to the most attractive and interesting places in the region. The excursions typically last the whole day and are free of charge. Lectures and cultural events are routinely organized for students.

Program costs

Tuition: Tuition/Room/Board varies from year to year. Tuition is currently $1,100, and includes lessons, textbooks, certificate, accident insurance, welcome and farewell parties, excursions, and other cultural and recreational activities. 

Accommodation and Meals: Accommodation and full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner and laundry) at a host family is currently $900. There is limited space at the university's residence hall for the whole month.

Travel arrangements

Participants are responsible for travel arrangements, but assistance will be provided on request.

Semester program

Spanish for Beginners option

The Beginners Course is for students with either no knowledge or a very elemental knowledge of Spanish. The main goal by the end of the course is for students to have acquired basic receptive and productive skills in both the oral and written spheres so as to be able to understand and make themselves understood in everyday communication situations.

Students can earn credits for? SPN101, SPN102, SPN201, SPN202, and SPN203

Intensive Language and Culture Program

The Semester Program in Oviedo combines the teaching of language with a comprehensive wide-ranging, yet in-depth view of Spanish culture. They are especially valid for those students who wish to Major or Minor in Spanish, but are also suitable and accessible for those whose main area of study is not Spanish.

Students can earn credits for intermediate and upper division courses in Spanish as well as in other disciplines, prior approval by the designated department.

Upper division Spanish course offerings:

  • Spanish Language
  • Spanish Art
  • Spanish Literature and Culture 
  • Latin-American Culture
  • Spanish Cinema
  • Humanities courses in English
  • Translation English/Spanish 
  • Business courses in English

Program costs

Tuition/Room/Board varies from year to year. Tuition, fees, room and board in a host family is currently:

  • Spring: $6,300
  • Fall:  $4,600

Not included: Airfare, Personal expenses, CIE fee.


Fátima Serra
World Languages and Cultures
Sullivan Bldg. 305C, North Campus

North Campus
Sullivan Building, Room 114
352 Lafayette Street
Salem, MA 01970
Phone: 978.542.7105

More Information

See the pictures of previous years' programs: 20112007, 2006 

Student testimonials

If I could describe Oviedo in one word it would be AMAZING! I am so happy that I did the summer program in Oviedo. It was a life changing experience for me. I felt a hundred times more confident in speaking Spanish to native speakers after the program, due to my improved pronunciation and ability to respond effortlessly. Learning in Oviedo was not only educational, but also very enjoyable. Not only did I grow intellectually, I also grew as an individual. After coming back from Oviedo I felt more confident in traveling, making quick and smart decisions, and learning how to be responsible. I also loved Oviedo for its culture, traditions, and its people. Oviedo will forever be a sweet memory and an important turning point of my life. I highly recommend this program to everyone! --Janel Thomas, 2007

In Oviedo the people were warm, welcoming and very accepting! I will never forget an older woman who lived close by our dormitories who upon finding out that we were so far from home quickly jumped to invite my friend and me over to her house for dinner as if we were her grandchildren! The food was rich in the Asturian flavors and we never missed a chance to taste some homemade sangria! On weekdays we would have class in the early hours and then scatter in the warm weather taking busses and trains to the nearby beaches of Gijón. With good company, ice cream on hand, and nonstop laughter we spent the days there until the sun set well after ten at night! On the weekends some travelled on their own but the school's planned excursions were more than we could have imagined!
The experience was both educationally enriching and thrilling all at once. --Fay Ventouris, 2009

I just wanted to let you know that I believe Asturias is filled with the most genuinely nice people I have ever met. I truly mean that. Through my entire experience here, everyone involved has been exceptionally helpful and kind. After one of my side trips to Europe, I flew into Asturias and I had booked a hotel room through for a hotel next to the airport. When I asked at the information desk how close it was, the man said that the hotel had been closed for nearly 2 years. He then took it upon himself to call his friend that worked in the airport because she owned a B&B. This woman had room for me and she drove me from the airport to the B&B. She set me up with everything I needed and even invited me to the beach with her and her 2 kids! She drove me back to public transportation in the morning. The history of Oviedo and Spain was unbelievable. I never fathomed that I would see Roman ruins by simply walking down a street. It was by far a life changing experience that I thoroughly enjoyed! The Oviedo experience was fascinating. Every challenge I encountered was met with kindness and understanding. --Amanda Tower, 2012