Virginia Merrill O'Connell '06, music graduate; currently pursuing a MAT in Spanish

Virginia Merrill O'Connell

"Once I met the faculty in the Music Department, I knew I was in the right place for my undergraduate work. Because I already had taken some courses through the Foreign Language department, it seemed like a sensible choice to pursue my graduate studies at Salem State. And both of my daughters and my husband are studying at Salem State, so was a convenient choice as well.

I would recommend the music major program to anyone who truly loves being a musician and wants to be better at it. It is a program that fosters growth. The faculty is second to none. When I graduated, I truly felt that I still had more to learn from them.

While I was pursuing my BA in music, I was balancing it with a career as a music teacher for three parochial schools and as a choir director for a local church. The music faculty was particularly flexible and understanding of the juggling I had to do. Two of them generously agreed to allow me to do a directed study because I could not get to their class due to work obligations.

It is nice to run into my daughters and husband on campus. Usually it is in passing at Dunkin' Donuts waiting for coffee, but at least we can wave on the way by!

I currently have a preliminary license to teach Spanish at the secondary level (MAT).  My graduate degree with enable me to earn my initial license."