Felicia Sanscartier '09, major in geography, minor in biology

Felicia Sanscartier

"I chose Salem State because I loved the campus. I also like being only 45 minutes from home, so if I ever need to go home it's not an inconvenience. And Salem State offered everything I needed.

I actually switched into geography from biology. I chose geography because I wanted to stay in the field of science and the classes are a lot smaller.

My academic experience here has been an interesting one. I never thought I would have changed my major halfway through college but I am happy with my decision. I love the geography department, everyone is so friendly and willing to help when it is needed, and they are very approachable.

I hope to work with organizations to help track migration patterns of species due to global warming and other effects global warming is having on the species of our planet.

I'm going on the trip to the southwest soon and I am very much looking forward to it. I truly believe this will be my best at Salem State."