Kayleen Rossio '10, music with a minor in Italian

I am a junior, graduating in 2010 with a major in music. I chose Salem State because it has a small town feel within a small city, and Boston is only a short train ride away. The music department was also intriguing to me because of its new facilities, small student to teacher ratio and variety of classes and ensembles that it offered. My decision was finalized when I came for open house and a campus tour and found smiling faces and a genuine interest from the professors to my needs as a prospective student. I felt as though Salem State would be a great place for me to grow and meet wonderful new people.

It turns out that my experience at Salem State has been more than I could have ever imagined. I have been able to take excellent classes, both within my major and in my general studies, from dedicated and truly creative professors. I have been able to receive a comprehensive education in music while also perusing my other interests, such as language and creative writing, and become an incredibly well rounded person. I have made friends here that I will have for the rest of my life, and have been given wonderful opportunities to perform outside of the college and meet other musicians.

I hope to use my Bachelor of Arts in Music from Salem State to continue my studies in music. Whether that means going on to fulfill my master's degree or gain hands on experience in the performance field, I know the knowledge I have gained at Salem State will have me ready for any challenge that faces me.