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Stephen LaMonica '13

Stephen LaMonica

I chose to attend Salem State because I knew that it had a very strong business school. I decided to study accounting because I have always been good with numbers and found it enjoyable after taking financial accounting. Another factor is that I want to become a FBI special agent and they hire a lot of accountants as special agents. Since accounting was playing to my strengths, enjoyable to me, and would help with my career goals, it made it the perfect major to choose.

My academic experience has been excellent at Salem State. All of my classes have challenged me in various ways and levels of intellect. My professors have been fantastic and are always willing to go the extra mile to help me when I needed it.

My best experience at Salem State has been working as a peer mentor in the Bertolon School of Business. As a peer mentor, I help students with just about anything. It has been an extremely rewarding experience and I have met some great people, both co-mentors and other students.

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