Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Salem State's graduate program in criminal justice is designed for professionals currently working in the criminal justice system, college graduates who want to enter the criminal justice field and students who may wish to continue study toward a doctoral degree. The program is Quinn Bill approved* and adheres to the university's guidelines for graduate programs and the standards of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences for graduate programs.

*Funding determined by Massachusetts Legislature.

Please note that effective fall 2014, Salem State University will offer an accelerated program which will allow students to earn both a bachelor of science and master of science in criminal justice in five years (based upon completion of the recommended number of credits per semester). Contact the graduate program coordinator for further details.

"My graduate education was invaluable. My degree made me more attractive to employers. I was inspired to potentially pursue doctoral studies. The program opened my eyes to the endless possibilities I could pursue within the criminal justice field." 

Katelyn LeClerc '08G
Intelligence Analyst, Massachusetts State Police

"I am using my graduate degree to change careers completely. Many of my classmates work in the field, so hearing their stories [as they[ relate to class topics is educational—and entertaining. Faculty make classes interactive by sharing experiences and answering all questions. They also show interest in students' lives."

Richard Parenteau, current student