Criminal Justice Undergraduate Programs

Our criminal justice program offers a broad liberal arts education coupled with a specialization in criminal justice. Our faculty employ innovative teaching styles and techniques to help you analyze substantive issues, develop verbal and writing skills, acquire proficiency in research methods, statistical analysis and computer applications, and enhance critical thinking. Integrating criminal justice theory, research, administration, and policy into our curriculum, our students develop a proficiency in statistical analysis, computer applications and critical thinking-skills required for careers in today’s criminal justice system, or for further education. The various concentrations blend the university’s core curriculum with our own core of criminal justice requirements as well as a wide variety of electives designed to meet students’ specific areas of interest. 

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Our bachelor of science in criminal justice program offers two exciting concentrations so students can choose the concentration that interests them. 

Administration Concentration

All criminal justice agencies, including the courts, police, and correctional facilities, require managers at various levels. The administration concentration in criminal justice focuses on the organizational structure and functions of such agencies and is an ideal program for students aiming for management level positions in criminal justice.

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Criminal Investigation Concentration

Criminal investigation is an essential part of the functioning of the criminal justice system. All law enforcement agencies -- federal, state, local, and special -- conduct criminal investigation employing different methods. The criminal investigation concentration in criminal justice introduces you to various aspects of criminal investigation, i.e crime scene analysis, search and seizure, interrogation and witness interview, profiling of offenders economic offenses investigation, and use of forensics.

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Minor in Criminal Justice

The minor in criminal justice is open to Salem State undergraduate students who want to focus on criminal justice administration or technology and research. 

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