Barbara Poremba

Barbara Poremba

Professional Details

Title: Professor
Office: HB-223
Phone: 978-542-6672

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
2483 L54 NUR415B Public Health Nursing
2489 L74 NUR415B Public Health Nursing

Professional Biography

University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester.

                    Post-Master’s Certificate: Adult Nurse Practitioner.


University of Massachusetts, School of Education, Amherst.

                     Doctorate: Multicultural Public Health Education and Media Development.


Harvard University, School of Public Health, Boston.

                      Master of Public Health, Maternal and Child Health


 Boston University, School of Nursing, Boston.

                      Master of Nursing, Community Health Clinical Specialist, summa cum laude


University of Massachusetts, School of Nursing, Amherst.

                       Bachelor of Science, Nursing, magna cum laude

Professional Interests

Public Health, International Health, Injury Prevention, Informatics, Gerontology, Transcultural Nursing, Nursing and Public Health History


 Coordinator of Public Health Nursing

 Nursing Faculty Secretary 

 Chairperson Salem Board of Health

 Board of Public Health Museum

 Executive Board of Nursing Archives 

Selected Publications

Poremba,B.A. (Oct 3, 2011). Public health affects all aspects of our lives. SalemNews

Poremba,B.A. (Feb 26, 2011). Online blogging or online flogging? SalemNews

Poremba,B.A. (2010). Photo Essay: As Big and Bright asthe Stars. Sextant, 18 (1), 46-48.

Poremba,B.A. (Feb 12, 2010). Under Pressure: SSC students used nursingskills to

raise money for Haiti. Salem News.

Poremba,B.A. (Dec 17, 2009). Why it is still important to get the H1N1 vaccine. Salem


Poremba,B.A. (Nov 12, 2009). SwineFlu. Salem News.

Poremba,B.A. (2005). Return to the Mekong: the Journey of a Student and Her

Professor. Salem Statement. Salem: Salem State Alumni Publication.

Poremba,B.A. (2004). Ann Hargreaves RN-An OralHistory. Video/Audio CD.


Poremba,B.A. and Walsh, R. (2002). Tobacco in the Third World.Multimedia and video,


Poremba, B.A. and Walsh, R. (1999).Life on the Mekong. Multimedia and video, ITHELPS.

Winder,A., Poremba, B.A., and Beakes, R.C. (1998). Nutrition Education for Cambodian

Refugees. In, T. Britten(Ed.), The Nutrition Idea Handbook, Minneapolis: West

Publishing Co.

Smith, C. and Poremba, B.A.,(1995). At Peace in Vietnam. Massachusetts, 7 (1), 27-29.

Poremba, B.A. (1995). Vietnam Evolving: A Nurse’s Perspective. video, ITHELPS.

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Health Care: Perspectives Community, 16 (3), 118-124.

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and cover photo.

Poremba,B.A. (1993). Portfolio: The Children of Ecuador. Sextant, 4(1), Cover photo

and article.

Winder,A., Poremba, B.A., and Beakes, R.C. (April 1991). Nutritional Education for

Cambodian Refugees. Journal ofNutrition Education, 39.

Malone, R. (1990). The Challenge of Third World Nursing. American Journal of Nursing,

90 (7), 32-37. Cover and article photography.

Poremba,B.A. (1990). “El Suburbio”: Portfolio of a Third World Ghetto. Commonwealth

Review, 3 (1), 20-21.

Poremba,B.A. (1990). Living in Suburbio: Slum City of the Underdeveloped World. Video.


Walsh,R. and Poremba, B.A. (1989). Journey Towards Health: HelpingTortured

Cambodian Women. Videoproduction. Salem, MA: IMAGINE IMAGES.

Winder,A. and Poremba, B.A. (1988). ChoosingCambodian Foods Wisely. Video

production and brochure in Khmer andEnglish. Peabody, MA: ITHELPS.

Poremba, B.A. (1988). Transcultural Nursing in Ecuador. Video production.

Poremba,B.A. (1986). Margaret Sanger: Nurse, Midwife, and Birth Control Leader.

Slidetape production.

Poremba, B.A. (1985). Playground Boobytraps. Slidetape production.

Selected Presentations

Apr 2008 “Lappin PDAInitiative”, CEU, Newport, RI

July 2003 “Nursing in the Mekong Delta”, Sigma Theta Tau International, St Thomas

May 2002 “An Advanced Practice Nurse in the Mekong Delta”, Mass Coalition of Nurse

Practitioners and Boston College, Manchester, NH

April 2001 “A Nursing Student and Teacher’s Experience in the Mekong Delta”, Sigma Theta Tau,

Eta TauChapter, Salem State College, Salem, MA

Jun 2000 “Vietnam: A Nurse’s Perspective”, MerrimackValley AACN, Lowell, MA

Aug 1999 “VietnamEvolving: A Nurse’s Perspective”, Second International Conference of Transcultural

NursingSociety, Maui, HI

June 1997 “Nursingin Vietnam”, Transcultural Nursing Society,Kuopio, Finland

Oct 1995 “VietnamEvolving: A Nurse’s Perspective”, International Transcultural Nursing Society,

Kona, HI

Mar 1995 “VietnamEvolving: A Nurse’s Perspective”, Sigma Theta Tau, Salem State College,

Salem, MA

May 1994 “HistoricalPerspectives of Public Health Nursing”, Associationof Community Health

NurseEducators, Boston, MA

Nov 1991 “Evaluatinga Nutrition Education Video for Cambodians”, American Public Health

Association, Atlanta, GA

Oct 1989 “ANutrition Education Intervention for Cambodian Refugees”, American Public Health

Association, Chicago

Apr 1989 “ATranscultural Health Education Experience in Ecuador” and “Nutrition Educationfor

Cambodian Americans”, Indiana Wesleyan College, Marion, IN

Nov 1988 “HealthEducation for Ecuadorian Women”, InternationalCongress on Women’s Health,

Tampa, FL

Oct 1987 “TransculturalNursing in Ecuador”, TransculturalNursing Society, Miami, FL

Nov 1986 “MargaretSanger: Nurse, Midwife, Birth ControlLeader”, International Council on

Women’s Health Issues,Halifax

May 1986 “PlaygroundInjuries in Eight Elementary Schools”, SigmaTheta Tau Nursing Research

Symposium, Salem, MA

Personal Interests

Sking, skating, boating, tap dancing, photography, seaglass