Charlene A Campbell

Professional Details

Title: Chairperson
Office: HB-233
Phone: 978-542-6655
Resume: Charlene A Campbell [DOC 58KB]

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
2454 06 NUR105 Nursing in the 21st Century II

Professional Biography

I have had a rewarding career as a nurse for 44 years.  I earned a BS in Nursing from Boston College in 1968, a MEd in Counseling from UM Amherst in 1975, and a MSN as Adult Nurse Practitioner from Simmons College in 1981.    

I practiced nursing in hospitals Medical/Surgical and Intensive Care units, and college health service setting.  And taught nursing in a variety of clinical settings.

Professional Interests

My professional focus early in my career was caring for critically ill adults.   But I always had a passion to teach.  Salem State University has provided me with the opportunity to manifest that passion.  Over thirty years I have taught thousands of nurses, who not only advance their careers but continue a legacy of nursing from Nightingale through me to them and beyond.


My teaching responsibilities at SSU are varied.  In any given semester in the generic program I might teach the freshman courses NUR104 or 105, sophomore course NUR210 Health Assessment, NUR409 Nursing Research, or senior courses NUR411 Professional Role Transition, or NUR420 Preparation for Licensure.  In DGCE I teach NUR440
Pathophysiology, NUR409 Nursing Research, and NUR704 Fundamentals of Nursing.

In NUR411 I, in collaboration with other colleagues, continue to refine the use of simulation learning.  Students participate in multiple patient management simulations. 

In addition to my scheduled teaching I tutor nursing students in content review, test taking strategies, and stress reduction and advise students on academic issues.

Selected Presentations

Presented at Lambda Chi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Research Conference. " Therapeutic Touch in ClinicalPractice".

Personal Interests

To maintain energy and balance I practice meditation, Tai-Chi Chuan, and grow bonsai.  To egage my creativity I make stained glass items such as lamps and window panels.   And to just enjoy being an child again I go on outings with my granddaughters to the beach and the zoo, and walks in the woods.l