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Graduate Course Details
Number NUR 817
Title Advanced Pathophysiology
Credits 3.0


This course is an advanced study of pathophysiology phenomena across the lifespan using the concepts of biological life process alterations. It is designed to prepare nurses in advanced practice roles for critical and therapeutic decision making in the clinical setting based on synthesis of knowledge and current evidence-based research. Laboratory and diagnostic testing related to pathophysiological conditions will be discussed. Required by and limited to students in the Direct Entry MSN Program/NP track.
Pre requisites: Successful completion of the RN-NCLEX examination;
NUR702, NUR703, NUR704, NUR710, NUR712, NUR725, NUR730, NUR735, NUR745, NUR802, NUR830, NUR742N, NUR752, NUR812, NUR813, NUR814, NUR815, NUR816