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Graduate Course Details
Number NUR 802
Title Nursing Internship
Credits 5.0
Co-requisites NUR830, NUR752N


This course will build upon the skills learned in prior nursing courses and provide for the refinement of clinical, organizational, and communication skills. The course requires a minimum of 24 hours/week for ten weeks with individual supervision by experienced registered nurse preceptors in the clinical setting. Selected internship sites must be approved in writing by the Direct Entry MSN Program Coordinator who, at the initiative of the student, meets with the student and preceptor several times over the course of the semester. Open only to and required of students enrolled in the Direct Entry MSN Program.
Pre-requisites: NUR702, NUR703, NUR704, NUR710, NUR712, NUR725, NUR730, NUR735, NUR745, NUR742N