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Undergraduate Course Details
Number NUR 210B
Title Health Assessment
Credits 3.0
Prerequisites BIO105, BIO200, CHE124, CHE125, NUR104, NUR105 and PSY101
Co-requisites BIO201
Winter/Spring 2016 Classes
Sec Ref # Dates Days Times Location Instructor
01 2417 1/19/16 - 5/16/16 W 8:30am - 10:20am HB-201 Ellen S Eaton
L21 2419 1/19/16 - 5/16/16 M 1:40pm - 4:20pm HB-212 Paula Burnett
L22 2420 1/19/16 - 5/16/16 W 10:50am - 1:30pm HB-212 Ellen S Eaton
L23 2421 1/19/16 - 5/16/16 W 1:40pm - 4:20pm HB-212 Paula Burnett
L24 2422 1/19/16 - 5/16/16 R 10:50am - 1:30pm HB-212 Marie Candy


This course introduces the critical thinking skills of the nursing process. Focus is on health assessment and physical examination of adult patients. The student will use concepts of communication to elicit a health history, establish a database, apply physical examination techniques, and document findings. Two lecture hours and three lab hours per week.