Course Title Req. Cr.
NUR 702 Seminar in Explorations of the Professional Nursing Role   1.0
NUR 703 Health Assessment Across the Lifespan   5.0
NUR 704 Introduction to Nursing Practice and Skills   4.0
NUR 710 Biopsychosocial Health Care Across the Lifespan   3.0
NUR 712 Complex Health Care for the Adult and Aging Population   12.0
NUR 725 Health Care Systems and Public Health   3.0
NUR 730A Health Care of the Childbearing Family   3.0
NUR 730B Health Care of Children and Their Families   3.0
NUR 735 Pharmacology in Nursing Practice   3.0
NUR 740A Health Policy & Leadership for Advanced Practice Nursing   3.0
NUR 742N Theoretical Foundations of Nursing   3.0
NUR 745 Health Care of the Critically Ill   3.0
NUR 752N Nursing Research I   3.0
NUR 753N Nursing Research II   3.0
NUR 754N Nursing Research III   3.0
NUR 775 Dimensions of Nursing Practice   3.0
NUR 802 Nursing Internship   5.0
NUR 812 Health Assessment for Advanced Practice Nursing   3.0
NUR 813 Advanced Pharmacology   3.0
NUR 814 Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse   3.0
NUR 815 Ethical Reasoning and Issues in Advanced Practice Nursing   3.0
NUR 817 Advanced Pathophysiology   3.0
NUR 822 Research for Evidence-Based Practice   3.0
NUR 827 Introduction to Interprofessional Practice in Health Care Systems   3.0
NUR 830 Seminar in Nursing Practice   1.0
NUR 833 Advanced Practice Nursing in Adult-Gerontology Primary Care:Theory I   3.0
NUR 834 Advanced Practice Nursing in Adult-Gerontology Primary Care: Practicum I   3.0
NUR 835 Advanced Practice Nursing in Adult-Gerontology Primary Care-Theory II   3.0
NUR 836 Advanced Practice Nursing in Adult-Genrontology Primary Care-Practicum II   3.0
NUR 851N Dimensions of Nursing Administration   3.0
NUR 860 Curriculum Development   3.0
NUR 870N Dimensions of Nursing Education   3.0
NUR 889 Partnership for Families: An Interproffessional Approach   3.0
NUR 900N Field Experience in Nursing Administration   4.0
NUR 901N Seminar in Nursing Administration   2.0
NUR 907 Field Experience in Advanced Practice Nursing   4.0
NUR 908 Seminar in Advanced Practice Nursing   2.0
NUR 910N Field Experience in Nursing Education   4.0
NUR 911N Seminar in Nursing Education   2.0