Info for Faculty

The Writing Center provides many services for faculty. We want to be as accessible as possible for you and your students. Contact us if you’re interested in any of the following services:

  • Sending tutors into your classroom to introduce our services to your students
  • Keeping your assignment prompts on file within the Writing Center
  • Discussing the potential of having tutors host workshops within your classroom to address common writing issues
  • Sending notifications when your students use our services

How We Can Help Your Students

Feel free to refer your students to the Center. When you refer them, however, please ask the student to bring as much information as possible to the tutoring session. The student should bring his or her draft, as well as assignment prompts, class syllabi, and any feedback you may have given them.

From brainstorming, to gathering sources, to revising a final draft, we can help your student at any stage of the writing process.

Unique, Personalized Tutoring

Our tutors take a holistic approach to writing, aiding students in developing awareness of genre and audience expectation while helping them sharpen the habits necessary for successful personal and academic writing.

We help writers brainstorm, organize their papers, tighten their focus, and work through the kinds of problems all writers encounter. Most academic writing centers, including ours, operate on the premise that writers can benefit from discussing their work with an informed and supportive reader.

Generally, the tutor first discusses the assignment with the writer. Depending on the stage of the draft, the tutor will then decide on an approach. In the earlier stages of writing, the tutor and student will frequently talk about ways to retrieve information or about techniques for generating ideas.

In the later stages of the writing process, a tutor will likely prioritize student needs within the context of the assignment. For example, for a draft riddled with surface errors that also did not meet the requirements of the assignment, the tutor will likely discuss the assignment and work with the student on strategies for completing the task. Thus, it is possible that within the limits of a 45-minute conference, the surface errors in the original draft may not be discussed. In this situation, the tutor will suggest that the student make a follow-up appointment.

"The Writing Center is not for proofreading or 'injection' of ideas, but for the expansion and creation of ideas. It is about asking questions, not just providing answers." -Sophomore, theater arts

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