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Tutoring at the Writing Center

Becoming a Tutor

The Writing Center is staffed by undergraduate and graduate tutors (usually 25-30 per semester) from all academic disciplines, who are strong writers with an interest in helping other writers.

Tutors must take a three-credit, semester-long training course, The Writing Center Practicum. The practicum is open to undergraduate students with a faculty recommendation and a GPA of 3.3 or higher, as well as all secondary English education program minors. Graduate students are invited to enroll in the practicum upon approval by the Writing Center coordinator.

Writing Center Practicum

In the Practicum (ENG 502; ENG870 for graduate students), you'll study theories and practical methods that facilitate effective one-to-one tutoring in a Writing Center setting. You'll attend a weekly class consisting primarily of discussions and small group activities designed to increase your knowledge of current composition and rhetorical theory, support your work in the center, and help you gain insights about your own writing processes. In addition, you'll keep a journal of class tutorial work, write two papers, read and respond to selections about tutoring and writing, and tutor in the Writing Center three hours each week. Students who have taken the Practicum have consistently noted that the course helped them improve their own writing!

Benefits of Tutor Training & Working in the Writing Center

The Practicum can help you:

  • improve your writing
  • develop critical analysis skills
  • gain the satisfaction of helping your own student community
  • acquire experience that may make you more attractive to future employers

"Tutoring has given me an opportunity to become more connected with the college community. Talking with student writers from all disciplines has taught me about the diversity of approaches to writing and enhanced my own writing process."  -Tutor, graduate student

Paid Tutoring

Students taking the practicum may be eligible to work additional paid hours in the center. The starting hourly rate is $9.50 for undergraduate students (the rate increases to $11.00 once a student has worked at least two semesters in the center). The hourly rate is $11.00 for graduate students.


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