Writing Conferences

Two Students working at the Writing Center

Individualized Assistance

Because our tutors work on a one-to-one basis, we can address your writing needs and respond to your particular questions. This individualized approach allows us to address your priorities and focus on your concerns.

Every session in the Writing Center is different from the next. We begin wherever you are, whether you need to brainstorm ideas for a paper, talk about audience and purpose, develop support for an argument, organize a paper, or identify grammatical problems at the later stages of a draft.

Tutors don't 'correct' papers; instead, we help you write, revise, and eventually edit your work. Remember that while we can make tremendous progress in a 45-minute or hour-long session, it's unlikely that we'll be able to address everything in that time. Follow-up appointments are always encouraged. In fact, some writers sign up for a weekly appointment, all semester long.

"I feel lucky to have found this resource! All students, from freshmen to final-year graduate students, would benefit from talking about their writing assignments with a Writing Center tutor." -Graduate Student, English MAT

Help from Careful Listeners

Writers can often clarify their ideas by talking with someone who asks thoughtful questions. Tutors respond to your writing as informed readers, asking questions such as "What is your main point?" or "How does this paragraph connect with the next one?" As one experienced tutor commented, "It's great to bounce ideas off someone. You can even go to the center if you haven't started the paper yet!"

Conferences with Writers from All Majors

We work with writers from every major and every age group. We serve struggling writers, advanced writers, and writers whose first language is not English. Each tutorial takes the same individualized, non-directive approach to helping each person become a better writer.

Conversations About Writing at Any Stage of the Process

You'll find the Writing Center most helpful if you visit us well before an assignment is due, since many writing problems are solved during the exploring and organizing process that precedes the final version of a paper. We recommend that you bring the written assignment and any notes, outlines, or rough drafts to each tutorial. The tutor and writer may need to refer to the professor's requirements as the session progresses. But please don't worry if you forget to bring all of your material, or if you're coming in with a looming deadline; we'll gladly work with you at any stage in your process.

Notification to Your Professor

Some students would like their instructor to know that they are making an effort to improve their writing by visiting the Writing Center. At your request, the tutor will send your instructor a form stating the date of your session and giving a brief description of your conference.