Bachelor of Arts (BA) Biology

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biology exposes students to a broad background in the discipline.
Students do need to complete 12 credits in a foreign language and do not need to complete a year of Physics.

Students are introduced to all areas of biology in a two-semester introductory sequence (BIO 131 Introduction to Organisms and BIO 132 Introduction to Cells), followed by three courses in the second year that expand on these areas in greater detail and introduce social and ethical issues to some extent.

This second group of courses includes BIO 208 (Environmental Problems), BIO 212 (Cell Biology) and BIO 220 (Evolutionary Morphology).

In their junior/senior year all students are required to take BIO 402 (Genetics) and BIO 415 (Biology Seminar)

Students complete their program by taking BIO electives at the 300-400 level. They must have three courses from within the five major areas: Plant or Animal Biology, Cell/Molecular Biology, Structure/Function or Ecology/Evolution.  In addition they must take any Biology Elective exclusive of BIO 304, 324, and 328.  

Biology BA Flow Sheets