Applied History Concentration

Concentration in Applied History: Pre-Legal/Business

BA History and then choose three of the following
HIS 210 Legal History
HIS 211 Civil Rights in American History
HIS 319 Development of the American Constitution
HIS 358 American Business History
HIS 363 The Role of Women in the U.S.
HIS 373 English Constitutional History
HIS 401 Internship
Choose four electives from the Department's offerings

Concentration in Applied History: Public History

BA History and then choose three of the following:
HIS 360 Window to the Past: Introduction to Oral History
HIS 370 Manuscripts and Archives: An Introduction
HIS 375 Introduction to Museum Work
HIS 376 Introduction to Archaeology
HIS 377 Architectural History of America
HIS 378 American Material Culture
HIS 401 Internship
Choose one elective from the department's offerings.