Student Attainment Objectives: Strand #5

Civic Advancement

Upon completion of the Salem State College Occupational Therapy Program students and be able to:

  • Develop an appreciation for servicing multiple global communities that may benefit from Occupational Therapy intervention.
  • Describe traditional and non-traditional realms of practice that may utilize occupational therapy services.
  • Understand the complexities of cultural differences and the relationship of occupation to ethnicity.
  • Acknowledge the necessity for practitioners to develop cultural competence and its vital role in clinical preparation and education.
  • Recognize the importance of promoting human rights, respect and equality to persons different from oneself.
  • Identify methods that will promote understanding of diverse environments and cross-cultural relationships.
  • Utilize local communities to service and promote occupational therapy as a unique and valuable discipline.
  • Explain to community members in oral and written communication forms the benefits of providing occupational therapy services in current areas where no OT service is offered.