Student Attainment Objectives: Strand #4


Research is an essential component of the Occupational Therapy curriculum at Salem State and is incorporated into each of the 10 courses throughout the program. Students will present a research paper or project at a student conference that will be held as part of their occupational therapy capstone course. 

The research component of the program will provide students with a general understanding of:

  1. How the research process works
  2. The components of research
  3. How to implement a basic research design
  4. Comprehend the relevance of research in occupational therapy practice

Upon completion of the Salem State College Occupational Therapy Program students and be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to find and utilize appropriate national and international resources and professional literature for occupational therapy practice.
  • Utilize and integrate their knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research designs to understand, create and critique beginning level research studies.
  • Produce scholarly papers related to examples of scientific investigations or inquiry in occupational therapy practice settings.
  • Understand the importance of research to the application of evidence-based intervention planning and practice.
  • Students will actively participate in various professional settings that promote scholarly activities that contribute to the profession.
  • Students will present a scholarly research project that meets the required components for publication.
  • Critique and apply research findings to the practice of occupational therapy.