Student Attainment Objectives: Strand #3

Occupational Science

Occupational Science defines the profession as an academic discipline. It is concerned with the study of the human as an occupational being. A complete understanding of the philosophy of occupational science is a core requirement of the Occupational Therapy program at Salem State and is accentuated in all professional courses. Providing students with a solid theoretical foundation in occupational science will enhance their perception of occupation and its association and vitality to client health, health prevention and wellness.  The following occupational therapy student goals have emerged from this strand in the curriculum.

Upon completion of the Salem State College Occupational Therapy Program students will be able to:

  • Apply the theoretical foundations of occupational therapy while integrating the knowledge gained through the study of biological, behavioral, and health sciences in meeting the needs of diverse clients within the performance context of their unique physical, social and cultural environments.
  • Utilize understanding of and appreciation for human occupation and develop culturally relevant, occupation-based, intervention plans.
  • Integrate the frames of references and models to deliver occupational therapy service in traditional and emerging practice areas for individuals, groups and agencies.
  • Demonstrate preparation in assessing, designing, implementing, modifying and terminating client-centered, evidence-based occupational therapy intervention.
  • Utilize their knowledge of the determinants of occupational performance on human behavior to assess and foster client recovery. 
  • Relate knowledge of theories, models of practice and frames of reference to the models of health care, education, community and society as they relate to practice of occupational therapy.
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of current policy issues that impact the health care system and its influence on the practice of occupational therapy.