Occupational Therapy Program Philosophy

The philosophy of the Occupational Therapy program at Salem State seeks to engage the student in a journey of transition from OTA to OT. The creation of a professionally enhanced, culturally competent and critically thinking practitioner is a major objective of this academic program. The faculty acknowledges the student's prior knowledge and skills and believes that each student should be prepared with a “generalist” and “holistic” perspective in both academic and clinical preparation. An important outcome of the program is to instill the value and importance of life-long learning for a profession that is continuously changing and growing in its complexity and scholastic advancements. This concept will be incorporated throughout the curriculum as emphasis is placed on continued professional  development. Students learn to embrace their commitment to the profession and work toward setting and attaining both personal and professional goals. The acquisition of leadership skills, appreciation of alternative treatment directions taking place in the profession and the formation of solid foundation skills in the area of research is critical in the development of entry-level clinicians graduating from Salem State. The attainment of such goals leads to an individual who appreciates values and is committed to the future prosperity of occupational therapy.