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School of Nursing Policies

Academic Policies

Nursing majors who receive lower than a C- in a prerequisite science course (BIO 105, BIO 200, BIO 201, BIO 304, CHE 124, CHE 125), will be permitted to repeat the course one time. If a student fails to achieve a grade of C- or higher in the repeated course, the student must withdraw from the nursing major. A student may not repeat more than two prerequisite science courses. This policy applies to nursing majors and transfer students requesting entry into the nursing major.

Students enrolled after September 2010 must receive a grade of C+ or higher in all nursing courses. A student may repeat a failed nursing course only once. A second failure of any nursing course mandates withdrawal from the nursing major. Nursing majors may not repeat more than two nursing courses. School of Nursing and Salem State policies

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Graduate Handbook

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Additional Requirements for Nursing Majors

Equipment / Uniforms - Equipment for NUR210 Health Assessment is available at the Salem State University Bookstore.
  • Uniforms must be purchased at the Salem State University Bookstore prior to the first clinical course - NUR212 - Fundamentals of Nursing, for generic students or NUR320 - Care of the Adult for LPN to BSN students. Nursing Uniform Order Form [PDF]
Name Tags/Salem State Identification
  • During the course of the program, several standardized tests will be required. Additional fees are assessed.
Clinical Requirements
  • Nursing majors are responsible for their own transportation to clinical agencies.
Health Requirements
  • An updated physical exam on file in the health services office
  • Current copy of health insurance card
  • Documentation of current immunizations and testing
    • TD within 10 years
    • MMR booster or titre
    • Positive chicken pox titre or vaccine series
    • Annual TB screen
    • Hepatitis B
    • Annual flu vaccine
Criminal Background Checks

A Criminal Offenders Record Inquiry (CORI) is required of all nursing students prior to entry into clinical courses. Refer to the School of Nursing CORI Policy for additional information.

CPR Certificate

Students are required to attain and possess a valid professional level CPR certification before beginning their clinicals and maintain that certification throughout the program.