Teacher Education Minor

The teacher education minor is a required component of the 4+1 joint bachelor's/master's degree teacher preparation programs for teaching at the middle and high school level as well as for our k-12 specialist areas.

The 4+1 programs are competitive. Students interested in pursuing a teaching license should work with an advisor in the School of Education as well as their assigned major advisor to make sure they are completing all pre-requisites for eligibility to the program.

Prior to February 1, spring of their sophomore year, all candidates for the 4+1 must pass the Communication & Literacy MTEL, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, and obtain a work habits recommendation from a faculty member. Students who meet these standards will be invited to complete an on-demand writing sample and interview before a faculty panel. Students who are found eligible for the program will be informed by March 1 of their sophomore year.

Students planning to teach a specific content area complete a major in the College of Arts and Sciences in the field of knowledge for which the teaching license is sought, along with the minor in teacher education. 

Approved licensure programs in conjunction with the teacher education minor are English (8-12), history (5-8 or 8-12), mathematics (5-8 or 8-12), Spanish (Pk-6 or 5-12), physical education (elementary or secondary), theatre arts (Pk-12), and visual arts (Pk-8 or 5-12).

Dual degree 4+1 teacher preparation program application

Work habits checklist recommendation form