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Accounting and Finance Undergraduate

The Accounting Concentration focuses on accounting theory and accounting as the language of business. It is intended for students whose goal is to participate in the accounting aspects of various organizations. Within this program of study, students have the opportunity to participate in community activities and obtain practical knowledge from actual experiences as well as from faculty.

The Accounting & Finance Concentration is a cross-functional program designed to prepare students for work in the rapidly evolving world of corporate finance where the finance professional needs not only a solid background in finance, but a thorough understanding of generally accepted principles of accounting.

The Finance Concentration provides students with a broad understanding of financial theory and develops their capacity to perform financial analyses. Courses offered focus on private sector financial management and financial analysis for investment decision-making. Students concentrating in finance learn complex analytical and financial modeling techniques and become proficient with the use of computer spreadsheets. Students engage in “hands-on” case study and model building activities.The program prepares finance concentrators for entry-level financial management positions in corporations and banks as well as for advanced academic work in business finance programs.


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