School of Social Work Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Social Work is the education of social work professionals who will contribute to social, economic, and human well-being through culturally competent practice and advocacy in local, national, and international communities. Critical to the mission of the School of Social Work is the creation of interactive and collegial learning environments that promote and support diversity, knowledge and skill development, professional identities, leadership, and commitment to social work values and ethics.

The school’s mission encompasses curricula, programming, field education practica, scholarship, and organizational linkages especially designed to sustain meaningful connections between social work education and public sector practice. The school’s faculty strive to provide the highest quality bachelor of social work (BSW) and master of social work (MSW) programs in order to prepare graduates for generalist (BSW) and advanced generalist (MSW) practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. 

The mission of the School of Social Work is in keeping with the mission of Salem State University in educating traditional, nontraditional, and diverse student populations who will meet the professional workforce needs of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. To this end, the university and the School of Social Work recognize the centrality of life-long learning, civic engagement and educational programs that are optimally accessible, affordable, rigorous and integrated with global perspectives.