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Field Education

Bachelor of social work (BSW) field education is designed to provide our undergraduate students with an opportunity to learn and enhance their skills for generalist social work practice. Generalist social work practice is the focus of all BSW programs and involves the development of knowledge, skills and values to work with individuals, families, groups, and organizations through systematic problem-solving.

Field Education for the BSW program requires a minimum of 425 supervised hours of practice in an agency or organization serving diverse client populations. Students are supervised by an experienced professional who holds a master of social work (MSW) degree. In addition, a member of the BSW faculty works closely with students as a faculty field liaison and leader of weekly seminars where students' learning is reinforced and supported.

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 Field Education Staff

Field Education Coordinator         Sue Goldman LA120  978.542.6877
Field Education Assistant Lisa Morency LA118  978.542.6698 
BSW Field Education Specialist Caryn Lister LA116 978.542.2575 
MSW/BSW Field Education Specialist   Molly Hogan-Fowler LA113 978.542.4098