Academic Standards and Requirements

To maintain the high standards required of those who wish to enter the field of social work, the BSW program has developed academic policies and standards to guide the students in their professional and academic growth. 

A complete description of the BSW program's academic requirements can be found in the BSW Student Handbook. In addition, School of Social Work Professional Standards for Social Work Education outlines the professional standards all social work students are expected to uphold. 

The following are some aspects of the BSW program's academic requirements:

Students must achieve a cumulative grade point average of "B-" in the six following social work courses prior to being considered for a field work agency assignment: SWK101, SWK102, SWK200, SWK270, SWK301, and SWK302. 

Students need to have completed all required courses in the major by the time that they complete the field education practicum, including SWK261, Human Behavior and the Social Environment I; SWK361 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II; SWK380, Research Methods and SWK410, Social Policy: Theory and Action.

Additional Information: