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Due to the winter storm, all day classes are canceled today. A decision about evening classes, which begin at 4:30 pm, will be made after 1 pm.

February 8, 2016


Did You Know?

Danvers Historical Society

Danvers Historical Society Project

 Students in operations and statistics classes at Salem State's Bertolon School of Business participated in several service projects to assist the Danvers Historical Society. Students developed an automated database system that updated an out-of-date paper filing system.  Students used the database, and conducted on-site visits to provide an analysis of operations, all geared toward assisting Danvers Historical Society in making important decisions regarding a variety of topics. Projects completed include an analysis of daily facilities operations, marketing strategies, profit leaders, and upgrades to information network systems.

Pictured from left : Elizabeth Tehan, junior; Chris Cowhig, junior; Oriana Ciko, senior; Megi Theodhor, junior; Noah Schey, senior; and Mike Stone, junior.


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