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At Salem State University the aquaculture concentration within the biology department manifests its ecological heritage. Students explore energy flow and allocation in aquatic systems. Techniques to repackage energy into organisms considered desirable by humankind are examined analytically. The curriculum affords students the opportunity to learn about aquaculture and to apply newly acquired skills in real-life situations. Courses offered at the Cat Cove Marine Laboratory include: introduction to aquaculture, aquaculture methods, advanced aquaculture, fish biology, and aquaculture internships.


Softshell Clam Culture

About Aquacutlure

Massachusetts Ocean Partnership

Aquaculture Situation and Outlook Report 2009: Massachusetts

Aquaculture Systems for the Northeast

Planning for Success in Your Aquaculture Business

Marine Aquaculture Species for the Northeast

Freshwater Aquaculture Species for the Northeast

Oyster aquaculture in modified lobster traps

East meets West: Hawaii, a lesson for aquaculture development in the United States. Part I: The early days

Part II: Aquaculture today



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30th Milford Aquaculture Seminar February 2010

Mussel Culture On Long Lines off Cape Ann Massachusetts - An Update

Epibionts on The Siphons of Softshelled Clams Mya arenaria in a FLUPSY: Species, Prevalence, and Management