Theatre Production Hours

The Theatre Arts Majors in both the BA and BFA degree programs, in addition to completing all required courses, must actively participate in productions at Salem State throughout their undergraduate program. Theatre Production Hours (TPH) are earned by working on the faculty Mainstage and Callan Studio Theatre productions each semester. Please be aware that TPH are not actual time: one TPH is awarded for approximately 2 hours of actual work time. Theatre Production Hours can be accumulated by assuming responsibilities and working in all areas of production including house management, stage management, box office, costume shop, stage crew, run crew, properties, publicity and performance. Full-time students are required to accumulate a minimum of 25 TPH per semester. A minimum total of 50 TPH are to be accumulated at the end of each academic year, with a minimum of 200 TPH over a four year, full-time program for graduation. Please note: the awarding of TPH is based on the quality of the job done; i.e., a job well done earns the full TPH possible for that responsibility, a poorly done job will merit less. The full Theatre Faculty meets post-production to award TPH to the students involved in that production.

As part of Theatre Orientation (and as a way to earn one-half of the semester's required TPH), all freshmen and transfer BA and BFA students are required to participate in the First Year Laboratory, a process-oriented experience involving a 3-4 week rehearsal period and an open sharing of the creative work in-house for the department.

At the end of their freshman year, both BA and BFA full-time students will have accumulated 50 TPH; at the end of their sophomore year, 100 TPH; at the end of their junior year, 150 TPH; and, at the end of their senior year, 200 TPH.

Transfer students are held accountable for TPH only for those semesters in which they are registered at Salem State; therefore, at the end of their first year here (full-time) they must accumulate 50 TPH, and so on. As a result, a transfer student who graduates from Salem State University after being here three years full-time, would need only 150 TPH to do so.

Students at a part-time status must coordinate their "adjusted" TPH with their academic advisor for each semester of part-time study. Reduction of TPH for part-time status is in direct proportion to reduction of course load, e.g., approximately 6 TPH are required for each 3 credit hour course taken in a semester.

For BA Theatre Majors who minor in Secondary Education for certification, 175 TPH must be acquired before they take their final semester of practicum; then, no TPH are required during their final semester of practicum; in other words, their TPH requirement is waived for the semester in which they take EDU 490 Practicum. However, if a student enters their final semester of practicum with less than 175 TPH, they will be required to earn the TPH necessary to bring their total up to 175 TPH while doing their practicum in order to graduate with sufficient TPH.

If any student (BA or BFA) has completed all course work for graduation but has insufficient TPH, they will not be permitted to graduate with a BA or BFA degree in Theatre. Instead, they must register for Independent Study in Theatre (THE500) for three credits for one semester and work on production to reconcile their TPH deficiency to the correct amount needed in order to then graduate.

Please see additional details in the "Theatre Handbook", Theatre and Speech Communication Department.