Why Study Italian?

Do you want to order pasta in an Italian restaurant without mispronouncing the menu items? Understand an Italian soccer match? Speak with your Italian relatives in their native tongue? Watch a Fellini flick without subtitles? Read Dante in the original language? Whatever your motivation, whether you choose to take a few classes or to complete a minor in Italian, the Italian language program at Salem State University will help you to develop proficiency in speaking, reading and writing Italian. However, the ability to communicate in Italian is not the only valuable aspect of Italian studies! The Italian program at Salem State also includes the study of Italian culture and literature, in which you will develop:

  • sharp critical thinking ability
  • oral and written analytical skills
  • a comparative perspective on global affairs
  • cross-cultural awareness and the ability to work with diverse groups of people
  • a broad multidisciplinary knowledge base (including literature, history, art, politics, economics, and many more disciplines which intersect with Italian culture)

What does the Italian Program offer?

  • Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Cultures (WLC)–Italian concentration: The WLC-Italian major is comprised of 12 courses (36 credits) including interdisciplinary course options in other departments like art, history and political science. All WLC majors complete an experiential learning course (internship, service-learning, or travel-study project) and a senior seminar in which students complete a major research project on a topic of their choosing.
  • Italian Minor (15 credits): the minor in Italian consists of any five language courses above the elementary 100-level; usually 201-202 and three advanced courses.
  • Minor in World Languages (18 credits): The minor in world languages is a combination of any two languages offered in the department. Students may count study in Italian towards the world languages minor.
  • Faculty willing to assist and advise you in all phases of your studies.
  • Study abroad opportunities: study in Florence during the summer, or do a summer, semester or year in Italy at any other program in Italy at any other program offered through the Center for International Education.
  • Language Resource Center with state-of-the-art technology and free tutors available to assist you in language learning (Meier Hall 205).
  • Italian Club activities on and off campus (Italian Film Series, cultural events, volunteer projects, trips, Italian conversation hour).
  • A multicultural community in which to learn Italian, including Italian heritage speakers in Boston’s North End and many communities on the North Shore. Graduate school advising for those interested in pursuing graduate degrees.
students posing with Bocce balls

Summer Program in Florence, Italy

Earn 6 credits in Italian during a five-week immersion program (July-August) in Florence, the heart of Tuscany. Study Italian language & culture at the Università di Firenze's Centre for Foreigners. Live in a pensione and take advantange of excursions.