About the Department


The philosophy department teaches students the principles of correct reasoning; instructs students in conceptual analysis by demonstrating the need for clarity in language and creativity in thought by improving students' reading, writing and speaking skills; explains important Western and non-Western ideologies in terms of their historical roots, interrelationships, and significance; nurtures good citizenship by providing the grounding on which students become reflective, informed, and open-minded; and assists students in establishing the fundamentals of a coherent moral world view.

Proceeding on Aristotle's premises that "all men by nature desire to know" and "philosophy begins in wonder," we encourage students to be critical and reflective, to search for self-knowledge, and to question the meaning of life. It helps students to understand the views of other individuals and other cultures, western and nonwestern.

We hope that you'll start your philosophical dialogue in the classroom, and will then continue by sharing it with others. You are encouraged to act upon your own philosophic convictions rather than accept any given set of philosophical ideas and values as a matter of convenience. We feel that our goals are realistic as long as you are stimulated by both traditional and contemporary readings, and classroom participation.

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