Minor in World Languages

The world languages minor is a combination of any two languages offered by the department (for example: French and Arabic, Spanish and German, Chinese and Italian), with emphasis on one language in particular in which a student might already have some preparation. It requires 18 combined credits (six courses), and at least 12 credits must be above the elementary level. Students can only count the elementary level of language in one of the two chosen languages. Consult the department chairperson for assistance in planning a minor in world languages.

Which course should I start with?

If you have studied a language in high school or you speak a language at home as a first or second language, you may not need to take elementary or even intermediate language courses. Consult the department's placement guidelines, take the Spanish placement test if you are planning to take Spanish as one of your languages, or speak to a professor to determine the level that is appropriate for you. Native speakers can not earn credit for elementary-level courses. Students who took the AP test or the CLEP test can receive up to six credits that count towards a world languages minor. See the department chairperson for more information.

A several students riding donkeys in Morocco flash the peace sign, with Moroccans leading the donkeys.

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