Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communications

In today’s global marketplace, the need for efficient and effective communication has never been greater. Our new online certificate in strategic communications is designed for those who would like to develop competencies in thinking strategically in the communications workplace. 

Students will learn how to plan, produce, execute, and evaluate strategic communication plans and will have the opportunity to develop skill sets in the following areas:

  • Creating tailored and consistent messages for different audiences
  • Understanding and utilizing various methods of outreach
  • Integrating technology and digital solutions into a communications plan
  • Working effectively as part of a team

This program is designed for professionals who work or aspire to work in the field of communications, public relations, marketing, and advertising and want to cultivate or sharpen their strategic communication skills. 


COM 700 Introduction to Strategic Communication This course provides students with an overview of best practices and approaches for developing strategic solutions and will investigate how organizations develop effective campaigns using data analysis, social media, research, and planning. 

COM 710 Communications Technology This course explores how new and emerging technologies impact communications. The three tracks of journalism, advertising, and public relations are used to provide context for understanding how and why these technologies are being applied in communications-related fields.

COM 715 Persuasion This course introduces students to current theory, research and practice associated with persuasion, public relations, and propaganda. A variety of concepts, theories, research and cases will be explored. 

COM 716 Communications in the Global Village This course is designed to prepare students to communicate effectively and ethically across cultural and group boundaries in a media environment defined by digital convergence and global reach. This course will focus on applications of concepts to professional practice in communications. 

IDS 725 Information Technology Fluency in Professional Practice This course develops key skills, concepts, and capabilities in information technology fluency to enable students to solve problems and continuously adapt to the rapid changes transforming the professional workplace. 


According to the US Department of Labor’s Outlook Handbook, employment of public relations specialists as well as that of advertising, promotions and marketing managers is projected to grow 12% from 2012-2022. Examples of the kinds of positions that professionals with strategic communications skills hold include: social media manager, content specialist, campaign manager, communications manager, brand strategist, media director, and public relations specialist.