Minor in French

Red sign saying “Voulez-vous parler français avec moi ce soir”

The French minor consists of any 15 credits (five courses) above the elementary level in French language, literature or culture. Typically, this means two intermediate courses (FRE 201-202), plus three additional courses at the 300, 400, or 500 level. The department offers a different upper-level course every semester. Elementary (100-level) courses do not count towards the French minor.

Which course should I start with?

If you have studied French in high school or you speak French at home as a first or second language, you may not need to take elementary or even intermediate language courses. Consult the department's placement guidelines or speak to a French professor to determine the level that is appropriate for you. Native speakers of French can not earn credit for elementary-level courses. Students who took the AP test in French or the CLEP test can receive up to six credits that count towards a French minor. See the department chairperson for more information.


Students in Quebec City pose in front of a statue at the National Assembly.

Summer Program in Quebec City, Canada

Earn six credits in French language and culture, beginner thru advanced levels, at Université Laval. Orientation by an SSU professor at the beginning of the program. Approximate cost (tuition, room, board) $2,500. Financial aid is available, See Dr. Blood