Exciting News!

The BA in philosophy is Salem State's newest major program and was launched in fall of 2014. As this new program has been rolled out, the existing Bachelor of Liberal Studies major’s concentrations in applied ethics and in philosophy of art and culture are being phased out, with no new students being accepted into those programs.

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What is philosophy? What will I be learning?

Pursuing a degree in philosophy will help you develop important skills essential for success in today’s global economy. You will learn how to think critically and effectively about a variety of important social issues. You will learn how to explore and communicate ideas, and how to evaluate different points of view. Our versatile major will expose you to the major fields of philosophical study, including ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, and critical reasoning.

Philosophy teaches you to analyze arguments, to think critically, to read with greater comprehension and insight, to write with greater clarity, creativity, and logical rigor, and to evaluate facts and assumptions across a variety of fields. You will study the great thinkers of the past, examine important Western and non-Western ideologies in terms of their historical roots, interrelationships, and significance, reflect on your civic and ethical obligations and rights, and begin the lifelong process of developing a coherent moral world view.

Philosophy challenges you to develop new ideas and to apply philosophical insights to your life. It gives you the means to assess the philosophical foundations of other disciplines as well as important issues of the day, including environmental ethics, medical ethics, the meaning of happiness and the role of language.


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