Student Resources

members of the SSU world music ensemble

Laptop Recommendation

All Salem State students are required to own a laptop computer. Music majors are encouraged to purchase Macintosh laptops as we reflect the current industry climate by utilizing Mac-specific software in our courses. If you have questions, contact the department at 978.542.6296.

The following basic laptop specifications are recommended for incoming music majors:

Apple MacBook or better
500GB Hard Drive
4GB of RAM
AppleCare Protection
Optional 3rd Party Software and Accessories for either system:
Finale 2010 or higher for Macintosh
Auralia 2 for Macintosh 
Digidesign Pro Tools LE or M-Powered 
ComputraceLojack for Laptops
Kensington Notebook Security Lock
Virus Protection Software (Kaspersky, Sophos (free), etc.)  
Microsoft Mac Office 2011 (available through the university)
An additional external hard drive of at least 150 GB

Scholarship Information

Various scholarships are made available to all music majors and dance majors through the Center for Creative and Performing Arts (CCPA) at Salem State and the financial aid office. 

Information for the Presidential Arts Scholarship and other artistic grants available from the CCPA can be found on its website. Click here for information on CCPA scholarships and grants. 

The Antone Aquino Memorial Scholarship and the Richard Conte Memorial Scholarship are available by applying to the Salem State University General Scholarship Fund through the SSU financial aid office. Click here for the Financial Aid office website. 

Music Society

The Music Society is a student-run organization that supports non-academic musical activities at Salem State University. It is open to anyone who has an interest in any aspect of music. The Music Society is sponsored by the Salem State University Program Council and recognized by the Student Government Association. If you are interested in more information, contact Nick Giarratani, faculty advisor, at

A capella

Ssockapella is the first and only a capella ensemble at Salem State. It is a club composed of three different groups. The main group is Ssockapella, a co-ed ensemble. There is also all-male ensemble called Mancapella and an all-female ensemble called The ViQueens. All three ensembles create their own original arrangements of songs from many different genres of music. The groups perform at many events both on and off campus. Ssockapella is all about having fun while using creativity and musical skill to create an amazing sound. For more information, visit student groups and clubs

Pep Band

The Salem State Pep Band is a student organization that provides spirit and entertainment with high-energy music selections at select Salem State Basketball and Hockey games.  The volunteer group is a fun and exciting way to participate in Salem State Athletics with the purpose of exciting the crowd and providing support to our basketball and hockey teams. Students who play in the Pep Band are paid an hourly wage under either Federal Work Study (if applicable) or Institutional Funds. For information on the Pep Band, contact Amy McGlothlin, faculty advisor, at  

American College Dance Association

Each year a group of students travel with faculty to attend the American College Dance Association Conference, where students from other regional colleges and universities gather to perform, engage in dance classes, and discuss the current field of dance. 

National Honors Society For Dance Arts

Exceptional students are initiated into this dance honors society run through the National Dance Education Organization. Students must achieve a 3.5 GPA in their dance courses and meet criteria in the categories of artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement. 

Repertory Dance Theater

Repertory Dance Theater (RDT), a student club recognized by the campus Student Government Association (SGA), is comprised of six student board members, one dance faculty member, and 40 – 50 student members. The club is one of the largest SGA organizations on campus and holds a performance at the end of each semester. Students audition before the RDT board to be accepted into the club and dance performance pieces. The group is open to all SSU students in good standing and is entirely student-run.