Music Department Facilities

Students practicing at the piano

Electronic Music Lab

The Electronic Music Lab is available to all music majors and other students enrolled in music classes. Twelve work stations are equipped with Roland digital pianos, and Macintosh computers loaded with digital recording, sequencing, notational, and ear training software currently being taught in our courses. Schedule permitting, open lab hours are available to students. 

Music Classrooms

Each classroom features a smart podium, which includes LCD projection, a document camera, DVD, CD, VHS, cassette tape, and an LP turntable, all operated from a touch screen at the instructor's fingertips. A video interface is also provided for use with laptop computers.

SSU Jazz Band rehearsing in the new rehearsal hall

Rehearsal Hall/Percussion Studio

In the spring of 2010, the music department added a new rehearsal hall and percussion studio to its facilities. The new hall is located across from the department's Central Campus location in the Weir-Stanley building at 70 Loring ave. The hall is equipped with a large percussion teaching studio, two percussion practice rooms, and a rehearsal hall large enough to accommodate all of the department's ensembles. The acoustics in the hall are designed to focus sound to provide students an optimum listening enviroment in order to improve performances. The addition of the hall, and future music facilities expansion, is intended to assist the department as it progresses towards full NASM accreditation.

Recording Studio

Intended to support the academic mission of the music department, the recording studio features 24-bit, 96kHz digital recording capability with a Yamaha O2R digital console. Tracking and editing is performed using a Macintosh computer and a Digidesign Pro Tools HD TDM system.  Outboard gear includes T.C. Electronics signal processors, Drawmer compressors, Speck parametric eqs, and Grace microphone preamps. The studio is complimented with an array of Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, and Shure microphones.  A variety of other recording/playback machines are available for legacy media. Student recording projects can be carried out in a small ensemble room adjacent to the control room, or in our 164-seat recital hall, which is hard-wired to the studio.  The studio is also used for archival recordings of recital hall concerts.

Music Resource Center

The music resource center houses ensemble literature, scores, and thousands of vintage and contemporary recordings encompassing a wide range of styles and genres. All of these resources are available to students and faculty through a web-accessible database. Please click here for access to MRC holdings.

Practice Rooms

Wenger soundproof modules provide a private area for individual practice or small ensemble rehearsals. Day-time scheduling of practice rooms takes place at the beginning of each semester on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to applied lesson studios. Sign-up sheets can be found in the music department copy room, CC269. Scheduling for evenng hours is not required at this time. 


Recital Hall

Photo of the Recital Hall

From student ensembles to world-renown recording artists, the recital hall has played host to a wide variety of events.  Concertgoers enjoy the hall's visual appeal, as well as, as its acoustic excellence.  The hall has rapidly become a cultural destination for the North Shore of Boston.  Although it is gaining prominence as a performance venue, the hall is primarily a teaching space used for instruction and ensemble rehearsal in order to support the academic mission of the music department.