Math Computer Lab Policies

The Mathematics Computer Lab is a place for students to meet and work on mathematics assignments.

Please Do

Refrain from eating food or drinking beverages in the Mathematics Computer Lab
Sign MATH COMPUTER LAB visitors book when you come in and leave
Login as username: math password: lab
Bring a USB flash drive of a CD-R
Take your media and belongings with you when you leave
Limit your printing to materials for math courses
Enjoy our computers and use as many as math applications you like

Please Do Not

Alter any settings on our computers
Install any sort of software or hardware
View or transmit any offensive materials
Transmit any sort of SPAMS
Make illegal copies of software
Spread worms or computer virus
Move computer, monitor, mouse, and any other computer parts
Plug or unplug any cables from any computers
Leave your materials and belonging at a seat while not using the computers
Use computer tables if you are not using the computer
Reserve computer(s) for others

Priority for Math Lab Computers:

1) Math classes
2) Students enrolled in our math courses using math software
3) Other students using math software
4) Math majors
5) General students

Lab staff will assist users in the same priority scale.

In addition to the above guidelines, the lab staff reserves the right to resolve conflicts, dispute, or resolve other matters on the basis of rules not explicitly stated herein.

Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy what our math computer lab has to offer.