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Undergraduate Course Details
Number SPC 305
Title Professional and Online Communication
Credits 3.0
Distribution W
Summer 2016 Classes
Sec Ref # Dates Days Times Location Instructor
01 1234 5/23/16 - 7/2/16 TBA TBA Online Amy M Smith


This course focuses on an introduction of forms and techniques in professional communication environments including the three-step method to organization/creation of presentations, oral and online presentations, business letters, resumes, interview skills, reports, and business vocabulary. We will also examine the fundamental elements of synchronous and asynchronous communication with emphasis on interactive experiences as well as clear and consistent message construction. Written assignments will serve as the primary evaluation method for this course. Utilizing a draft/revision process, students will demonstrate critical thinking skills relevant to the course materials. Students must be comfortable working independently in a variety of online formats including WebCT, chatrooms, discussion boards, and multi-media websites (such as This course satisfies the oral communication core requirement. Three lecture hours per week.