Darlene Crone-Todd

Darlene Crone-Todd

Professional Details

Title: Associate Professor
Office: MH-224F
Phone: 978-542-7410
Email: darlene.cronetodd@salemstate.edu

Fall & Winter Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
1432 S1 PSY817 Experimental Analysis of Behavior
1761 03 PSY204R Research Methods and Statistics II
1765 L23 PSY204R Research Methods and Statistics II
1766 L24 PSY204R Research Methods and Statistics II
1817 01 PSY338 Applied Behavioral Analysis II
3697 02 PSY601H Honors Independent Research in Psychology
3861 D1 PSY875 Directed Study
3876 01 PSY521 Applied Behavior Analysis Internship
3908 01 PSY530 Directed Study in Psychology

Professional Interests

Basic learning principles involved in computer-assisted teaching and learning,higher-order thinking and complex behavior, the shaping and chaining process, and the application of behavioral principles and procedures with difficult behavioral problems.

Selected Publications

DeFulio, A.,Crone-Todd, D. E., Long, L. L., & Silverman, K. (in press). Using words instead of randomly arranged characters as stimuli in a keyboarding training program improves fluency outcomes for adult learners. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Silverman,K., Wong, C. J., Needham, M., Diemer, K.N., Knealing, T., Crone-Todd, D., Fingerhood, M., Nuzzo, P., & Kolodner, K.(2007). A randomized trial of employment-based reinforcement of cocaine abstinence in injection drug users. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 40, 387-410

Crone-Todd,D. E. (2007). Assessment of thinking in adult learners. Special Issue: Behavioral Development Bulletin, 13, 41-44

Crone-Todd,D. E., Eyre, H. L., Hutchens, S. A., Jones, J. R., and Pear, J. J. (2007). The effect of changing grading criteria on student writing. The Behavior Analyst Today, 8(1), 35-42.

Desrochers,M. N., Crone-Todd, D. E., & Conheady, T. J. (2006). Case difficulty of simulation software. Academic Exchange Quarterly, 10(4), 24 - 28.